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About Our Trainers

Frank Corey

My name is Frank Corey and I’m a lifelong resident of Warren, Ohio. A 2004 graduate of Howland High School and a 2007 graduate of ITT Tech receiving an Associate Degree in web page development as well as being a American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer in 2013.  From there I pursued a number of lackluster jobs to which mundaneness seemed to be all that I had to look forward to. Finally, my life took a turn and I found what eating healthy and exercising can really do to you. I also found great sense of fulfillment in helping others achieving a healthier version of themselves. Fast-forward 9 months and I had gone from 250lbs to a healthy 180lbs, which also meant I had to go out and buy new clothes! Who doesn’t like having to buy new clothes because your old ones are now too big? From there you could say the rest is history. Family and friends wanted to know how I did it. What was my secret? At times it was overwhelming because I genuinely wanted to help them but just didn’t know how or where to start.

I’m an A.C.E. certified personal trainer with a specialty in functional movement. From the start it’s been a rewarding blessing and I get a sincere pleasure of working with some wonderful clients.

You might be asking yourself, what are some of the benefits of hiring me? Well if you’re anything like I was at the beginning it can be a very daunting task. Such questions as where do I start? What should I eat? Do I really need to go out and buy all these supplements? This is where I step in, consider me your fitness journey tour guide. I’m here to help you navigate the common pitfalls some fall prey too. I’m also here to motivate you from the inside out, to hold you accountable and to celebrate milestones as you reach them!

So what do you say, are you ready to start living a healthier more fulfilling life? Are you ready to feel more confident, sleep more soundly and enjoy a brighter disposition? How about getting back to those sports you used to play in your younger more youthful days? Or maybe you just want to wake up with less aches and pains. How about eating your favorite foods and not food shaming yourself after doing so?

I want to be your trainer! Contact me today so we can get started towards a healthier, happier you! 

Angela Foor

Hello, my name is Angela Foor. I was born and raised in the local Trumbull area. I'm a proud mother of two wonderful children, Kristopher and Taylor. I’m a very dedicated person who attacks every task in life with maximum effort. Fitness, exercise and helping others are three of my big passions in life.

I am a certified Personal Trainer through NASM the National Academy of Sports Medicine specializing in corrective exercise and functional nutrition.

 I have struggled with my weight most of my life with those left over pregnancy pounds, a reconstructed ACL knee injury with limited mobility and the current challenge is dealing with hormonal changes from surgical menopause. Everyday is a choice to make the decision to push through and be my best.

 I have always enjoyed Sports growing up and stayed active with my kids. I got involved with soccer in 2009 and enjoyed it so much that I took coaching classes and received my license. I have been conditioning and coaching players for over 6 years. I help them improve their skills and reach their goals.  I have taught group classes and enjoy motivating and pushing clients to reach their goals.

 I love to see the improvements that I help make in a client. I want to  help you  be your best whether  it's weight loss,  sports specific,  just to be able to carry your own groceries  or play with your grandchildren. Let me help you live a full and happy Life

Training Location

Q Club Fitness
8094 E Market St,
Warren, OH 44484