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Where to start your fitness journey when you don’t know where to even start!

Where to start your fitness journey when you don’t know where to even start!

Coach Frank here, I know you’re super busy! Let’s cut through all the filters and powders and try this exercise to increase your gastrocnemius (what does that even mean) mum-bo-jumbo.

You have either tried getting healthier in the past and “failed” or you’re currently scratching your head wondering. Do I really need to purchase that gym membership to start all over again? By the way, you’re not starting all over again from scratch, I’ll explain why later.


Takeaway #1 Know where you’re currently at

If you want to go somewhere you must know where you’re starting from. Open any Map app and after you punch in where you want to go it’s going to ask you the most important question....

Over complications lead to procrastination which results in failure to launch

Over complications lead to procrastination which results in failure to launch

Do you remember learning to walk? Probably not, and if you do well I'm sure it's only because someone who was older was there. Witnessing all the failed attempts you made to make it to the outreached arms of a loved one. What if as a baby, a baby who could comprehend the phases of gait you were told in detail that these needed to be accomplished before you could ever take those first wobbly steps. Would you still even attempt to do so? Or would you just sit on your nice cushy diaper and crawl around and wait to be picked up?


To much fitness in the softcore porn industry, or to much softcore porn in the fitness industry?

Sex sells, and in the "Fitness Industry" it appears that the only thing that matters is how good you look naked or the illusion of you being naked posed in a sexual position. Here's what wikiapedia defines as softcore porn (still photography or film that has a pornographic or erotic component) hmmm erotic component,well lets look up the definition of such word here Erotic: Of, relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire. Now we can go back and forth all day as to what might arouse sexual desire in one might not do so in another, and that's not why I'm writing this blog. No I'm writing it because social media and the attention crazed individuals who feed off of your every click of a lick have distorted your view of yourself worth, of what a healthy body image should look like and of what healthy living really means.


Why is it soo stinkin hard to change??!

I just don't get it!!

I've tried diet after diet, went to the gym and left looking like I ran through a rainstorm! I just spent literally $150 at the health food store and the salesperson said if i want to lose weight I need to take this shake before bed and these pills before my workout and that this special water would help raise my RMR which I have no clue what that means but I trust them because they work there and they know what there talking about, right? I bought this at home workout dvd thing and I tried it for a little bit but it just wasn't for me, so it must be that I'm always going to look like this!

Do you know, or have been the person to say any of the things above?
Which has probably left you feeling!


Lost? Stuck and unable to escape what feels like destiny!
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