Current Leaderboard

  1. Frank C. 39 reps
  2. Conner O. 38 reps
  3. Jenn H. 32 reps
  4. Mark B. 31 reps 
  5. Ted P. 27 reps 


What is the 60 second Kettlebell Deadlift Challenge? 

The kettlebell deadlift challenge was started as a way to encourage clients to push outside their comfort zones and lift something Heavy! 


How do I get on the Leaderboard? 

Well here's the rules in a nut shell.

You'll need a 97lb kettlebell and a way to time and record your reps for verification.

Record from the side with your Full Body and kettlebell in frame.

You are permitted to use chalk.

No wrist wraps or any other aide in holding the kettlebell.

Kettlebell must be lifted from the ground and may not be elevated for this leaderboard. 

Wear clothes that enable the hips and trunk to be visible


Ready, Set, Lift! 

Starting position: Feet between the kettlebell (shoulder to outside shoulder width no sumo pulls), body upright, hands by your sides.

A Complete rep is counted when the kettlebell leaves the ground, hips lockout and the kettlebell touches the ground once more.

If you started a rep and 60s has passed that rep does not count. 

If you let go of the kettlebell or have to rest at the bottom then you only count the reps up until that point. 

Get to the Choppa 

Send your submissions into This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for review! 

If you're on Instagram use the # KBDeadLiftChallenge to see everyone else who has stepped up. 

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