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Why is it soo stinkin hard to change??!

I just don't get it!!

I've tried diet after diet, went to the gym and left looking like I ran through a rainstorm! I just spent literally $150 at the health food store and the salesperson said if i want to lose weight I need to take this shake before bed and these pills before my workout and that this special water would help raise my RMR which I have no clue what that means but I trust them because they work there and they know what there talking about, right? I bought this at home workout dvd thing and I tried it for a little bit but it just wasn't for me, so it must be that I'm always going to look like this!

Do you know, or have been the person to say any of the things above?
Which has probably left you feeling!


Lost? Stuck and unable to escape what feels like destiny!

Meal-Prepping like a BOSS

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

1. Plan

Which day or day’s you will meal for the upcoming week, will you cook for 6 days leaving you up until your next meal prep, or will you cut the week in half? Don’t forget not all foods stay “fresh” as long as say chicken or steak might after it’s been reheated. Some that come to mind are cooked peppers they tend to get soggy. Yuck!!


To Supplement, or not to Supplement that is the Question!

I’m often asked an array of questions that quite frankly go beyond my scope of practice. But never the less I always try to help my clients come to a deciding factor that best helps them reach their goals. Let me up front and clear that I’m not a Dietician nor I’m I a Nutritionist, all of which require more schooling then I care to cater to at the present moment. Never the less I do work with a local Diabetes Coordinator which has counselled numerous clients of mine.

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