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Where to start your fitness journey when you don’t know where to even start!

Where to start your fitness journey when you don’t know where to even start!


Coach Frank here, I know you’re super busy! Let’s cut through all the filters and powders and try this exercise to increase your gastrocnemius (what does that even mean) mum-bo-jumbo.

You have either tried getting healthier in the past and “failed” or you’re currently scratching your head wondering. Do I really need to purchase that gym membership to start all over again? By the way, you’re not starting all over again from scratch, I’ll explain why later.


Takeaway #1 Know where you’re currently at

If you want to go somewhere you must know where you’re starting from. Open any Map app and after you punch in where you want to go it’s going to ask you the most important question....

“Use current location?” Without this mission-critical piece of data, the app and your time is pointless. So, SPEND TIME getting to know where YOU are at in YOUR JOURNEY. 

Do you need help finding where you're at? If so reach out for a coaching call here!! 


Takeaway #2 “Baby your Kaizen”

Kaizen is the Sino-Japanese word for “improvement.” Remember when I said that your past slip-ups were not failures, and you weren’t starting over? Well now is your time to shine, and reflect on what worked and what didn’t work well. Jot it down, I’ll wait….

I’m serious, go grab a piece of paper, and draw a line down the middle and write what worked on one side, and what didn’t work on the other!

So now looking at your list (you did write it down, right.. on paper..) what is ONE of those things, habits, goals that worked well?

Now, this is the cool part, how can you improve on it in a small way while still moving forward?  That my friend is the power of Kaizen, it bypasses the fear aspect of your journey and allows you to gain momentum and confidence in getting things done!


Takeaway #3 Tell everyone about your “Give Up Goals”

What is a “Give Up Goal” you might be asking yourself? Well below are some examples.

  • I want to give up soda
  • I want to lose 10lbs
  • I want to stop smoking

By telling everyone what you want to “give up” you have now created accountability partners, and you can bet your lucky stars they’re going to ask how it’s going the next time you meet. I know this may seem scary, but has keeping these things to yourself worked in the past?


Takeaway #4 Find a coach who has the heart of a Teacher

This one, unfortunately, is going to be trial and error, there are endless blogs on what bad trainers do and what good trainers do. So if you had the misfortune of finding one that left a bad taste in your mouth, count it a blessing. A Blessing?? Yep, cause you now know what YOU DON’T WANT.

What I personally will say to look for is this:

  • Is more interested in hearing your story vs talking about themselves
  • Patient and willing to work WITH YOU. It’s a TEAM effort
  • Willing to admit they don’t know but is willing to find out
  • Sets clear boundaries on what you expect from them and what they expect from you

The list could go on and on, but just make sure to take your time, ask questions and if you get the heebie-jeebies RUN don’t walk!


That’s it, I know it’s not long and it’s not accounting for every nuance you might have expected me to address, but it’s a start. So take that next Baby Kaizen step, find a coach with the heart of a teacher and shout those give up goals from the top of your roof at 6am so your neighbors can give you sideways glances as you move forwards towards a new, slightly better version of your current self.


Now you have 4 steps to start your fitness journey with confidence.

  1. Know where you’re starting from
  2. Take small manageable steps
  3. Tell everyone your Give Up Goals
  4. Find a coach with the heart of a teacher

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