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Over complications lead to procrastination which results in failure to launch

Over complications lead to procrastination which results in failure to launch

Do you remember learning to walk? Probably not, and if you do well I'm sure it's only because someone who was older was there. Witnessing all the failed attempts you made to make it to the outreached arms of a loved one. What if as a baby, a baby who could comprehend the phases of gait you were told in detail that these needed to be accomplished before you could ever take those first wobbly steps. Would you still even attempt to do so? Or would you just sit on your nice cushy diaper and crawl around and wait to be picked up?

But you're a rebel, aren't you? You forge ahead or maybe it's because life hasn't knocked you down enough yet! But you wonder what's on the table, it has to be something interesting, something yet to be reached! So you stand or attempt to do so and for a brief moment those baby legs hold you up, and BOOM! Back on your butt, you go.. But being a baby someone is there to cheer you on and lend a helping hand! Your support system, and they pick you up, smile and they let you hold on as those little legs hold you up this time for a few more moments till the inevitable happens. BOOM, back on your butt! So maybe it is by no accident that as babies are memories are so short. We have yet to learn the fear of failure and it stings.

First Attempt In Learning or as some of you like to call it FAIL.

Nobody likes to fail, just the thought of it creeps up childhood memories of disappointing a loved one or being made fun of by your peers.

Can we go back to the baby and it's journey into independence? What I want to touch on briefly will hopefully bring insight and a future tipping point for all your future "walking" failures. The mind, the baby kept trying because it forgot shortly after that he had failed to accomplish what it set out to do. Fueled by natural instincts and determination it persevered until finally it had reach the peak of that journey. Uhhhh Frank what are you talking about? Babies, walking, mountains..

Let me explain, you need to take your "failures" and view them as steps that didn't work out the way you wanted them too. Thomas Edison is quoted saying "I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." That means this man tried 9,999 ways to get something to work before he finally found the 1 way that it would work! Talk about persistence! Most of us hear about failure and won't even attempt to fail at something before we give it a go. Where does failure reside? Between the ears of the biggest nay sayer you will ever come face to face with, YOUR SELF! If you think Wall Street is the richest place on earth, you should go to the cemetery! There you will find the ideas, inventions and success's that were stolen by the perceived threat of failure.

You need to start feeding your mind, your soul with positive affirmations and avoid as Zig Ziglar calls it "Stinkin Thinkin" And that's why I avoid constantly negative news or as you may call it CNN! I truly believe when I stopped trying to be someone I wasn't and I stopped trying to impress people who really didn't matter to me and when I started listing to others success stories and when I made a choice to listen to positive pod-casts that my life started making changes for the better. Did you notice all the I's in the last sentence? Now more than ever have educational resources been more available for FREE! But YOU must make the decision to educate yourself, to better yourself and to view yourself in a different light. Tomorrow is gone, and each day is a blessing! So choose wiesly what you digest because what goes in seeps out in your words and actions which all stem from your mind.

If you're serious about changing how you view yourself click the link and download for free Zig's Self Talk Cards.

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