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Waiting for the last second and how to overcome it.

Waiting for the last second and how to overcome it.


Coach Frank here, and if your anything like me at times you procrastinate! Big time! Wait till the very last second, even though you’ve had weeks to accomplish whatever it might be, type of procrastination! I would also like to add that I'm very much so a subject matter expert in this area so buckle up buttercup! 

Actually, I'm procrastinating at this very second! I have 45min to complete a blog I promised the accountability group I’m in that I'd have it done! Finished! Complete, top to bottom. Even with the imposed punishment of being kicked out of the group if I didn’t! Yet here I AM! I can confidently say that I can remember doing this all the way back in my grade school days and rushing whatever it might be and the results being less than stellar!

Not ALL procrastination is a bad thing!!

Think of the artist designing something never yet seen before, the iPhone perhaps. How many times do you think it was looked at, set aside then taken back out to be looked at by a pair of fresh eyes? One, two, twenty. Maybe 1,000 times? I call this progressive procrastination. Where you allow your creative juices to flow and when they run dry you shelf whatever it might be till you get that spark again and you work at it again. The key here being is that you don’t shelf it forever! I’ve done this a few times when creating something new and it’s been quite the stress-free solution vs cramming it all in and forcing your square idea into a round circle product.

How to overcome that “bad” procrastination

Well if I’m being honest I dislike writing blogs! LOTHE! With a passion, a “You shall not pass” type of hatred! We can’t always do what we enjoy all the time though, yet it still needs to get done, thus the crutch of adulthood! Blast you younger Frank for wanting to grow up LOL.

So how could I have navigated this more effectively?

  1. Actually, set aside time to get it done.
  2. Made that time set aside a priority.
  3. Asked for accountability with set check-in dates.

That’s it! It’s not much because it doesn’t need to be complicated, as I’m already complicating the process enough on my end! Adding more steps or complexity would only have me and you avoiding whatever it is even more.

So in short, realize that not all procrastination is bad and some of it leads to beautiful works of art. Get an accountability partner and make whatever it is an actual priority!

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